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Schuetzen Black Powder For Sale | Buy Smokeless Gun Powder Online

Schuetzen Powder Energetics, Inc. is a national leader in black powder for firearms, fireworks, mining and military applications.  A joint venture between Petro-Explo, Inc. and Wano Schwarzpulver GmbH, Wano provides over 330 years of black powder production at the same facility in Germany.

Schuetzen Powder Energetics, Inc. imports and distributes both WANO black powders, sold in the USA as Schuetzen Black Powder For Sale, and Swiss Black Powder, and they have recently started importing their own Schuetzen Musket Caps that have proven themselves to be the hottest musket caps on the market.

Schuetzen Black Powder In Stock’s goal is not to just supply the best black powder shooting products but also to help educate shooters and develop the black powder shooting market.

Is Schuetzen real black powder?

Wano Schwarzpulver GmbH produces Schuetzen black powder, which is specifically tailored for the US market. Schuetzen black powder is created using a combination of alder, hazelnut, and maple charcoals to provide the cleanest, most effective black powder.