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Primers For Sale | Rifle & Pistol Primers for Reloading

For competitive shooters and anyone who fires in volume, reloading (Primers For Sale) your own ammunition may be a rewarding and cost-effective hobby. To accomplish it safely and successfully, however, a certain amount of expertise, talent, and suitable components are required.

Understanding the various types of reloading primers for sale and their intended uses is a vital component of reloading. In this article, we will go over crucial primer facts, such as primer types and notable primer producers. If you want to learn how to reload AMMO, check out our reloading guide.

Small Pistol Primers: Small pistol primers are best suited for igniting small to medium-sized pistol ammunition. Some common cartridges that use small pistol primers include 9mm Luger and. 380 ACP.

Small Pistol Magnum Primers: Small pistol magnum primers are used in high-pressure loads in small to medium pistol cartridges. You’ll find rounds like the 357 Magnum using small pistol magnum primers.

Large Pistol Primers: Large pistol primers reliably ignite ammunition for larger cartridges like the 10mm Auto and. 45 ACP.

Large Pistol Magnum Primers: Large pistol magnum primers are designed for high-performance hand loads in cartridges such as the 475 Linebaugh.

Reloading Primers In Stock: Large Rifle Primers & Small Pistol Primers

Large Rifle Magnum Primers: Large rifle magnum loads are designed specifically for ignition in powerful magnum loads like the .338 Lapua and .300 Weatherby Magnum.

50 BMG Primers: Like the name implies, 50 BMG primers are specifically crafted for the powerful .50 BMG cartridge.

209 Shotgun Primers: 209 shotgun primers are designed for use in standard field and target loads.

209M Shotgun Magnum Primers: 209M magnum primers are designed for heavy waterfowl and turkey loads.

When it comes to primer manufacturers, Western Shooters Supply is proud to offer a selection of well-respected brands, each known for their quality and reliability:

CCI Ammunition: CCI is well-known for their extensive line of primers and ammunition. Their product line includes the majority of the key primer kinds, and each model is constantly tested and improved. Shooters rely on them for their steady performance.

Federal Premium: Federal Premium is a well-known brand for high-quality primers and ammunition components. Federal Premium offers a wide assortment of primers, including Gold Medal Match Primers, which provide better consistency for competitive shooters and hunters who want the best in precision.

Winchester Primers: Winchester primers are a popular choice among reloaders looking for dependable primers that regularly produce optimal results. They include priming lines for pistol and rifle reloaders, as well as muzzleloader shooters.

Cheddite Primers: Cheddite has a solid reputation in the reloading world for providing dependable priming alternatives for a wide range of shooting situations. Their primers are inexpensive but effective, making them a popular choice among high-volume reloaders.

Aguila Primers: Aguila is well-known for manufacturing high-quality reloading components and ammunition. Their non-corrosive primers give exceptional consistency and ignition in any weather.

Remington: Remington primers are tested to extremely tight tolerances to ensure consistent performance and ignition. Their primers are intended to perform well in a wide range of environmental situations and with a wide range of powder types.

Frequently Asked Questions About Primers In Stock

What are reloading primers, and why are they important for ammunition reloading?

Reloading primers for sale are compact devices that start the powder ignition process in ammunition. They are essential for reloading because they ignite the powder and push the bullet out of the barrel.

What are the main types of reloading primers available?

The most common type of primer used in the United States is a boxer primer. These are used in most common centerfire rifle and pistol cartridges.

How do I choose the right type and size of primer for my reloading needs?

The option you select is determined by the cartridge you're reloading. Check a current reloading manual for primer specs on the cartridge you intend to reload. Western Shooters Supply carries a wide range of primer types to accommodate the precise loads you require.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when handling reloading primers?

Yes, safety is always the most crucial consideration. To avoid mixing, keep your primers in a cold, dry place and only work with one type of primer at a time. When working with and seating primers, always utilize the right reloading tools and procedures.

Can I use small pistol primers in place of small rifle primers or vice versa?

It is generally not advised to switch primer types. Stick to the primer type specified for your cartridge and the load data in your reloading handbook.

How should I store my reloading primers to ensure their longevity?

Store primers in their original packaging in a cool, dry location with controlled humidity. Avoid exposure to extreme humidity or conditions.

What's the shelf life of reloading primers?

As long as you keep the proper storage conditions, primers will last many years and still offer reliable performance and ignition.

What's the difference between standard and magnum primers?

Magnum primers are designed for larger, more powerful cartridges that require a hotter spark to light powder more effectively.

How can I safely dispose of old or unused primers?

It's essential to follow local regulations for hazardous waste disposal. Check with your local authorities, and always handle live primers with caution.

Can I reload primers, or are they for one-time use only?

Reloading primers in stock are designed for single use only.

What are some reputable brands for reloading primers?

Some popular brands include CCI, Federal, Winchester, and Remington. You can find all of these popular brands and several others right here at Western Shooters Supply

Can I purchase reloading primers online, and are there any shipping restrictions?

Yes, you can buy reloading primers online at Western Shooters Supply. There are regulations for reloading primers, and HazMat orders that contain reloading primers will receive a HazMat charge.