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Reloading CCI Primers In Stock Now [For Sale]

The CCI primers in stock at Western Shooters Supply are precisely built to perform consistently, round after round. CCI primers are known for providing quick, forceful ignition in a variety of weather circumstances.

The most discerning reloaders prefer CCI primers for shotshells, handgun rounds, and magnum rifle cartridges. CCI® primers provide the reloader with clean, reliable ignition.

A larger sweet spot leads to more consistent ignition in firearms that produce off-center hits. CCI Small Rifle 5.56mm, CCI Primers #209 Shotshell, CCI Small Pistol Primers #500, and many more are currently in stock.

CCI Primers For Sale

Why Should You Buy CCI Primers In Stock

CCI® standard primers, a tried-and-true performer, provide consistent results for amateur reloaders. CCI standard primers are easier to seat than older-style primers and feed more smoothly through today's progressive and automatic loading equipment.

These non-corrosive, non-mercuric primers use a clean-burning initiator compound to leave primer pockets cleaner, resulting in higher accuracy and longer shots between cleanings. The higher sensitivity design also results in a larger "sweet spot" for use with firearms that occasionally deliver off-center blows.

  • Better sensitivity for more positive firing in all guns
  • Non-corrosive, non-mercuric – clean-burning for greater accuracy and more shots between cleanings
  • Easier to seat than older-style primers
  • Smooth feeding in progressive and automated loading equipment
  • Continually tested design