IMR 7828 SSC Load Data: The Ultimate Guide

Reloading enthusiasts looking for detailed IMR 7828 SSC load data have found the right place. This guide provides extensive information about using the IMR 7828 SSC, a popular choice among long-range shooters and hunters who require precision for large-caliber rifles. 

People celebrate this smokeless powder for its consistent performance in heavy magnum calibers, especially when they desire high velocities.

What is the IMR 7828 SSC?

Characteristics and benefits

IMR 7828 SSC (Super Short Cut) is a smokeless powder that falls within the slowest burn rate of IMR’s rifle powder line. The ‘SSC’ stands for Super Short Cut, which refers to the shorter grain size that enhances metering and loading. This powder is ideal for magnum rifle cartridges, offering:

  • Improved Metering: The short grain size allows for more consistent powder drops, which can significantly improve the precision of measured loads.
  • Versatility: While especially effective in large magnum calibers, it can be used across a range of applications, including medium calibers.
  • High Velocity: It is capable of achieving high velocities, making it a top choice for extended-range shooting and large game hunting.

Loading Data for IMR 7828 SSC

Recommended Practices

When working with IMR 7828 SSC load data, it is important to adhere to recommended guidelines to maximize both safety and performance:

  • Start Low: Always begin with the minimum suggested loads and work up cautiously to higher loads while watching for signs of pressure.
  • Consistency is key. Keep meticulous records of your loads and outcomes, which will help you refine and perfect your reloading process.

Best Uses of IMR 7828 SSC

Optimal Caliber Pairings

IMR 7828 SSC excels in the following calibers:

  • .25-06 Remington
  • 270 Weatherby Magnum
  • 300 Winchester Magnum

These calibers benefit from the powder’s ability to push heavy projectiles to high velocities, crucial for long-range accuracy and effective energy delivery on target.

## Frequently Asked Questions About IMR 7828 SSC Load Data

What safety measures should I follow when using IMR 7828 SSC?

Safety should always be a priority.

  • Storage: Keep the powder in a cool, dry place.
  • Handling: Avoid sparks and open flames. Use in well-ventilated areas.
  • Measurement: Accurate measurement is crucial. Use a reliable and calibrated scale.

Can lighter calibers use the IMR 7828 SSC?

While it is optimized for heavier calibers, experimenting with lighter calibers should be done with caution, starting at the lower end of load recommendations and consulting comprehensive load data sources.

How does IMR 7828 SSC compare to other IMR powders?

The IMR 7828 SSC is unique because of its short grain size, which improves metering. It is generally slower-burning compared to other IMR powders, like IMR 4350, making it better suited for heavy bullets and magnum cartridges.


The IMR 7828 SSC load data is invaluable for reloaders looking to optimize performance for high-velocity and large-caliber rifle applications. 

With its excellent metering characteristics and ability to maintain stability under various shooting conditions, the IMR 7828 SSC is an excellent choice for serious shooters aiming for precision at long distances. 

Whether you are hunting big game or competing in long-range shooting events, effectively understanding and utilizing this data can significantly enhance your shooting accuracy and safety.