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Gun Powder FAQs:

What are the most popular gunpowder brands in the U.S.?

The most popular gunpowder brands that supply reloading powder in the U.S. include:

  • Hodgdon Power, which provides various smokeless and muzzleloading powders
  • Western Powders, which distributes powders for outdoor sports, and big-game hunting in particular
  • Alliant Powder, which supplies multi-purpose powders

What is the difference between single-base powders and double-base powders?

The amount and type of components in single-base powders varies from those in double-base powders. Single-base powders are made from nitrocellulose, while double-base powders are made from nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine. Double-based powders burn quickly and are commonly employed with shotguns and handguns.

What types of reloading powder can I use?

The types of reloading powders you can use include:

  • Ball powder, which resembles small round balls or granules. Ball powder is fast-burning and typically used in pistols and rifles. Popular ball powder types include Winchester 231 for pistols and handguns, and Hodgdon Extreme for rifles.
  • Flake powder, which looks like flattened granules. Flake powder is fast-burning and is commonly used in shotgun and handgun cartridges, along with reduced rifle loads. Popular flake powder types include Unique and Red Dot.
  • Extruded (stick) powder, which resembles small cylinder shapes. Extruded powder burns slowly, which is why it is used exclusively in rifle cartridges. Popular extruded powder types include Hodgdon H4831, IMR 4350 and Alliant Reloader 22.

Can I use powder with the same number but produced by different manufacturers?

You might encounter reloading powders with the same number. For example, consider Hodgdon 4350 and IMR 4350, or Hodgdon 4895 and IMR 4895.
While these varieties can be used interchangeably in some situations, it’s better to stick with the same brand and powder number as mentioned in the powder reloading handbook.

What should I consider when handling reloading powder?

When handling reloading powder:

  • Opt for a powder that is manufactured for your gun type and barrel length
  • Select flake powder for a handgun or a shotgun, ball powder for rifles and pistols or extruded powder for rifles
  • Make sure the powder in your dispenser matches the powder in the recipe you are using — putting the wrong powder in the wrong cartridge may result in an explosion and serious injuries
  • Keep the powder bottle you are currently using on your reloading bench, while all your other powders are securely stored on a separate shelf

How should I store my reloading powder?

To store your powder safely:

  • Keep it in a dry, cool and dark space
  • Store it in the original container, away from solvents and electrical equipment
  • Avoid keeping it in a safe, steel cabinet or other enclosed space — if there is a fire, the pressure contained can lead to an explosion. An open shelf is the best option for storage.
  • Do not store it in large quantities

Can I buy reloading powder online?

Yes we offer a vast selection of reloading powder online at Western Shooters Supply. Western Shooters Supply offers top-quality smokeless reloading powder for your shooting needs:

  • Accurate Reloading Powder
  • Ramshot Reloading Powder
  • Pistol Powder
  • Alliant Reloading Powder
  • Shooters World Reloading Powder
  • Rifle Powder
  • Hodgdon Reloading Powder
  • Vihtavouri Reloading Powder
  • Shotgun (Shotshell) Powder
  • IMR Reloading Powder
  • Winchester Reloading Powder