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Small Pistol Primers In Stock Now

Western Shooters Supply offers a great selection of small pistol primers in stock, like CCI small pistol primers, Ginex small pistol primers, Federal small pistol primers, Winchester small pistol primers, Fiocchi small pistol primers, and Remington small pistol primers, for your reloading needs! Check out our current selection below!

Small Pistol Primers: Small pistol primers are best suited for igniting small to medium-sized pistol ammunition. Some common cartridges that use small pistol primers include 9mm Luger and .380 ACP.

Small Pistol Magnum Primers: Small pistol magnum primers are used in high-pressure loads in small to medium pistol cartridges. You’ll find rounds like the 357 Magnum using small pistol magnum primers.

Small pistol primers, which are designed for handguns and are similar in size to small rifle primers

Small Pistol Primers For Sale

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Pistol Primers

Why are small pistol primers out of stock?

One of the most potent drivers in the market is consumer demand, which leads to shortages when the production of ammunition cannot keep up with it. The problem may get worse if powder and primer basic materials are in low supply.

What is the difference between small pistol primers and magnum small pistol primers?

Magnum primers can provide maximum loads that are harmful to the barrel and the shooter because they burn hotter and longer than regular primers. They may ignite powders faster than they should, which could result in a hazardous buildup of pressure.

What calibers take small pistol primers?

There are lots of little options. Certain calibers, such as 45 ACP, 44 Magnums, and 44 Special, require a large pistol primer, while 9mm, 38 Special, and 357 Magnum are suitable with regular small primers.

Can I use small pistol magnum primers in place of small pistol primers?

It functions perfectly if the powder loading is correct. According to my experience, standard pistol primers can be replaced with magnum primers; however, as a starting point, I would start with 15% less powder from my typical primer loads.

Can I use small rifle primers in place of small pistol primers?

As for me, I've never experienced any issues. It should be possible to use Remington 6 1/2 small rifle primers. I loaded a 327 Federal Magnum with them. SRPs for handgun loads are OK as long as you begin at the minimum and increase.

Are small rifle primers more powerful than small pistol primers?

The cup of a rifle primer is thicker and tougher to prevent failure since rifles employ stronger strikers and operate at higher pressures than handguns.